*blacklists the words x and y*

just try and blacklist THIS



people in 1999: who the fuck is this hat kid in smash bros

people in 2001: who is hat kid and why is he still here

people in 2008: now there is a blond kid too who is he

people in 2014: HAT KID CONFIRMED but where is blond kid

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» Update!

First off, I’m not dead (thank you to the 7 anons who asked)

Secondly, I’ve been out of town all week and Destiny is calling my name when I get home.

And finally, I hope you all have been well. Keep on keepin on and have a great weekend.

This blog will continue until further notice.

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"stop saying ‘frick frack"
"stop using the ‘uwu’ and ‘XD’ face you look stupid"
"stop making flower crown edits they are so annoying"
"stop making color palettes jesus christ wtf"